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Why are Shia scholars and community silent on horrendous statements and steps taken by their Cleric leader Kalbe Jawad?

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Shia Cleric Leader Maulana Kalbe Jawad reaches Jammu and Kashmir for second time within a short span to meet the Governor of J&K in Jammu (the winter capital of J&K).  In an interview given to ET he expresses certain points which are highly disappointing and directly targeted at Sunni Shia discords.

He has met the Governor to discuss the WAQF issue which Indian government recently announced to establish a WAQF board in J&K. Jawad wants a separate board to be established for Shias as he says we cannot work with Sunnis since we have differences with them in various practices. Another reason he quotes that since Shias are less, they will get less representation hence their voices won’t be heard. So are we not or we don’t want to become one united Ummah? Why Shias are so hell bent on division in Muslim Ummah in India, whereas in our neighboring country where discords have been to the extent of killing, blasting is now seeing a sign of Unity. So is this something maneuvered on the instructions of BJP and their stooge is Kalbe Jawad?

In his last visit Jawad promoted BJP for elections amongst Shias and wants all Shias to vote for BJP. In this interview he clearly quotes that previous central government in India has not done anything for Shia and this government seems to be doing a lot for Shias by beating people for carrying out processions in Moharram in Kashmir and U.P and Yogi saying we don’t need Ali we have Bajrang Bali. The Shia’s do not realize if they see lesser government reaction against them it is because they are not speaking out anything against BJP and in fact trying to be loyalist but still at the end, we are all Muslims.

An astonishing point raised by Jawad is that Shias are economically very backward and should be accounted amongst the backward castes of India and given government job opportunities. So is this a dignity of a community to beg in front of states who are torturing Muslims? On one hand the Shias claim to be followers of Hussain (r.a) who stood against oppression and raised slogans of dignity and their followers, that too clerics are demonstrating such signs of humiliation and disgrace. Then are not the Ahle Sunnah better than Shias who do not have affiliation with Hussain (r.a) but their woman, youths were standing in biting cold for 100 days at Shaheen Bagh to not accept CAA and these Shia clerics were writing letters to Amit Shah to include Shias in the CAA list which meant take us out from being a Muslim.

Kalbe Jawad has sprinkled salt on the wounds of Kashmiri when he is asked in the interview on what he says about Article 370 abrogation, and he replied that I have nothing to do with that and I am only concerned about economic situation of backward Shias. Your Muslim brothers were butchered after this abrogation, your sisters, mother were raped, your Muslim children were pelted with bullets and you say I have nothing to do with this.

Is the heart of this Shia leader become so cruel? Or we can say with references that Shias in India historically have done treachery by being loyalists to tyrant kings. The famous names of two Shias Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar for their treacheries with Nawabud Daula and Tipu Sultan is well recorded in history and looks like Kalbe Jawad and Waseem Rizvi are the Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar of Shias in this era.

We don’t say that all Shias are like this and it would be unfair to generalize the behavior of few on all, but people like Kalbe Jawad are spokesperson of Shias in India. It is responsibility of other Shia scholars to condemn such statements and not remain silent, else all this is getting recorded in history when such treacheries were being done by a Shia cleric leader rest all remained silent which means they were in agreement. If you are not concerned about the Muslims in the country and Muslims of Kashmir at least show some honor and dignity towards your respected school of thought. Do not spoil the names of holy progeny of Messenger of Allah (s) whom you claim to be staunch followers.



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