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Shia leader Kalbe Jawwad warns besieging Pakistan embassy in Delhi

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In a press conference organized on 16th September , Shia cleric leader Maulana Kalbe Jawad said Pakistan is turning into Yazidistan (state of followers of Yazid). He strongly condemned the rally organized by banned outfit Sipahe Sahiba which was attended by more than 200,000 people in Karachi where slogans of “Shia Kafir” were raised. Jawad said that these people are tools of Saudi, America, Israel and Pakistan government is supporting them. He also mentioned that we have biggest threat from the sect of Yazidis as all terrorist belong to this and Pakistan, Saudi and Israel are supporting this sect. Jawad said we will not tolerate Shia Sunni division as our global leader Khamenei is totally against that.

He warned that if this terrorism is not stopped in Pakistan, we Shia and Sunni scholars together will besiege the Pakistani Embassy in Delhi and prior to this we will be organizing a Shia Sunni conference in Delhi as well.

It is highly appreciated to see Maulana Jawad taking this step in support of Shias in Pakistan as he quoted that we will not tolerate any form of atrocities on Shias anywhere globally.

When questioned by a press reporter that you are criticizing America, Israel for this but Modi is a close friend of America and Israel, they have done oppression, atrocities on Shias during Mohurrum in India; Shia cleric politically defended Modi by replying that friendship with America and Israel was started by Congress and Israel embassy started in India by Rajiv Gandhi, but we request India also to break friendship with America and Israel so that we can get cheaper oil and gas from Iran which benefits people. The Shia cleric did not answer to the question related atrocities done on Shias during Mohurrum in India.

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