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Shia Federation Jammu strongly condemns Cleric Kalbe Jawad

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Shia Federation of Jammu has strong condemned the recent statements delivered by Shia cleric leader Maulana Kalbe Jawad. We have already raised this concerns to our respected Shia brethren of India to not remain silent and as Indian Muslims International News Agency we appreciate the immediate actions taken by Shia Federation of Jammu.

Shia Federation spokesperson has implicitly mentioned that Kalbe Jawad is not visiting Jammu Kashmir on his own, he has been delegated by someone (it is no one else but his close pals of RSS and BJP who want to create discord between Shias and Sunnis to disturb their vote bank). There is another big hidden agenda of Modi for cross border invasions for which Kalbe Jawwad has written letter to Modi assuring him lives of Shias on borders.

It is a good step taken by Shia Federation to condemn Kalbe Jawad in strong words instructing him to stop interfering in J&K , instead think about his Master Yogi in Uttar Pradesh.

It is expected from Shia scholars in India as well to take immediate action on Kalbe Jawad to avoid any disgrace for Shias and not allow seeds of disharmony within Muslim sects. The Muslims in India are already in big trouble from external forces and during this situation if people like Jawad try to divide the Muslims from inside, then there could be no treachery bigger than this.

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