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Shia Clerics – Kalbe Jawwad and Saif Abbas – protest for Taziya on religious and economic grounds

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Lucknow – 22nd August

Prominent Shia cleric leader of Jafaria sect did a press conference in protest to UP government policy to limit Mohurrum gatherings in Imambargah to 5 persons whereas other states in India have given permission to up to 1000 persons even in Delhi. 

He also objected UP government’s decision to not to host Taziya (silver, wood imitation models of shrines of grandson of Prophet (s) , Imam Hussain (r.a)) inside homes. 

Jawad mentioned to press that Shia women consider this as bad omen if they do not host Taziya inside their homes and if they do no break bangles as rituals in front of Taziya it is considered bad omen by the Shia women of Lucknow. 

He warned the UP Government that if permission to host Taziyat at home and allow small gatherings with social distancing is not given they would continue the protest and would even take it to the next step

When questioned about Yogi government taking stern steps against Muslims, Jawwad rejected the claim and did not wanted to speak anything against Yogi and said this is not Hindu Muslim issue.

It should be noted that Jawad is a strong ally of BJP and himself has said that current defense Minister Rajnath is his personal friend. Jawad has been always pro BJP and praised Modi and Yogi for their unbiased approach towards Muslims and only blamed RSS for any Anti-Muslim extremism. As per previous interviews with Jawad he has said that he did not find anything wrong or bad with Modi and Yogi as regards to Muslims. But this time it looks he is stranded and Yogi has let him down in front of his community. Jawad even denied his support to the Anti CAA protesting women at Ghanta Ghar in Lucknow early this year and condemned his uncle Kalbe Sadiq for supporting this protest.

Jawad’s loyalty with Modi and Yogi is at high stake in front of Shia community of UP and looks like to save his face he wants to make some noise and finally he got success in getting permission for Taziya. Jawad again gained some success this time, but this show the BJP government is not even caring about Shias who are so loyal to them. As per recent news the permission has been granted but not for procession and fire rituals (this is unconfirmed report and controversies are there whether this permission is for Lucknow or entire UP)

There is another issue about whether Shia Clerics are not concerned about the health of people. If such gatherings take place and movement of people start then it can spread Corona which is already high in UP.  Are Shia clerics not having this much sense to asses the issue based on health and safety first.

On other note another prominent Shia Cleric Maulana Saif Abbas in his interview quoted that Taziya is not just about religious sentiments but also a business for thousands of Shias who make money out of constructing Taziya, then offerings and donations that are collected. So under Covid 19 economic issues, this would have a serious economic impact on Shia community, hence on the grounds of business opportunity for Shias the Taziya shoiuld be permitted

Various BJP outlets have been quoting that Shia’s have been disconnected from Muslim mainstream and have joined the fan club of Modi. But it looks the Shia loyalty is getting into trouble. Yogi has also taunted to Shia’s last year that they can keep Ali with them and for us Bajrang Bali is enough. 

So will Shias change their stand and go against the BJP tide or continue with their one sided loyalty to BJP?




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