Role of India in aroused Shia Sunni discord in Pakistan

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India has always been playing around the sectarian discord in Pakistan to weaken Pakistan from inside. Many past terrorist attacks in Pakistan have been blamed on India with evidences that Indian agencies were behind those and Modi’s National Security Advisor Ajith Doval has confessed that we are too deep inside Pakistan and has even warned that if Pakistan repeats another 26/11 (Mumbai attack) then Pakistan has to wash their hand off Baluchistan. Doval’s offensive defense strategy was not about surgical strikes but butchering Pakistan piece by piece from inside primarily using sectarian discord.

History of sectarianism in Pakistan

Pakistan is the worlds biggest nursery of home brewed terrorism which was planted by General Zia ul Haqq on the instructions of USA and sponsorship of Ale Saud in late 80’s to fight against Russia in Afghanistan. The same force was then steered towards Shias in Pakistan by General Zia, when the Islamic revolution became successful and after eight years of war a new dawn was seen on the Islamic horizon with Shias emerging out as a powerful force within Muslims. Zia knew that the effect of neighboring Iran would be catastrophic for his dictatorial regime as Jamaat e Islami, a Sunni political organization stood out in welcoming the Islamic revolution in Iran. The weapon now to be used was sectarianism, that is sowing seeds of hatred between Shias and Sunnis. If Sunnis hate Shia, they will hate Iran as well and Pakistanis would then never follow Iranian revolution.

The question is how do you sow the seeds of discord. It is vanilla when you have clear historical, ideological difference already present (that’s the reason they are separate sects) you just need to capitalize on those. You create elements within who can flame these differences. Shias always considered themselves as oppressed whose first Imam Ali (r.a) was deprived of the rights of Khilafat and several atrocities they believe were done on him and his progeny. Hence a big pool of Shia orators were nurtured to come on pulpit and the host of these mosques, centers wanted them to only speak about those historical differences, prove the Sunnis as wrong and eventually go further in proving the respected companions of Holy Prophet (s) and wives of Prophets (a) as infidels, traitors and betrayers of Islam. These sacred personalities of Sunni sect were cursed from Shia pulpits and this was enough to give birth to terrorist outfits like Sipaha e Sahaba who initially started with target killings of Shia personalities and professionals, followed by bomb attacks eventually turning into suicide attacks.

Shias came in panic and there was no real leader within Shias who could guide them. They just made protective arrangements, begged from state hoping for next government to come and help them or running away from Pakistan to West. There was no resistance or addressing of root cause behind this issue which was initially present withing Shias themselves, these professional orators on the pulpits.

These orators became very strong, were earning good money for such style of entertaining lectures where abuses were done on Sunni personalities which people enjoyed. They became millionaires and this turned into a big industry within Shias. But they overlooked their opponents. It was not Sipahe Sahaba anymore, there were various groups, then Taliban, Al Qaeda and Pakistan turned into a nursery of suicide bombers, terrorists who were all trained on Shias first then sent out to Middle east to confront Iran in Syria and Iraq. It is just like RSS which is being trained over last three decades for Muslim genocides in India.

The situation now in Pakistan is very tense. Since last few years after the Peshawar school attack, where the pet dogs attacked their own masters they were dealt heavily and terrorism got a break in Pakistan. At the same time there were strenuous efforts made for Shia Sunni unity in Pakistan. In this situation as sectarianism seemed to become a dark history it was essential for Ale Saud to re-ignite this fire as they have bigger objective of destruction of Iran at hand and this Takfirist force need to be kept alive and hence once again a stage was set for 6th July 2020.

6th July 2020 – Agencies fail to kick off new phase of sectarianism

It was the day when in Lahore a mega convention was organized in Lahore by the seditionist orators amidst Corona lockdowns and social distancing. This event was controlled by a division from Pakistan army under supervision of Ale Saud. As per leaked reports Indian elements were also playing active role in this event which was expected to be a big blast of reviving most extreme level of sectarianism. One Shia scholar Syed Jawad Naqvi took notice of its background and he has been hell bent behind these elements since long and his primary agenda is Islamic unity amongst all sects. Jawad Naqvi is disliked by these orators and their followers to level of extreme form of hatred. He took control of the situation by mobilizing a big quantum of people and Punjab police was pressurized to formally stop this convention. This was a big blow to Ale Saud and their elements within the army and state sponsors.

Asif Reza Alavi – Pilot pawn of MI6 sparks unrest

The revenge would be brutal and it was. The Punjab state police wanted to avoid this sectarianism as Moharram was just a month ahead and they put ban on all such orators who fuel the fire of discord. At the advent of Moharram all of a sudden, the most prominent seditionist, we can say the leader of these sectarian orator, Asif Reza Alawi was granted special permission by the ruling party to mount the pulpit that too in Rawalpindi, the epicenter of Takfirist. Alawi sparked a big fire by publicly declaring the first Sunni Khalifa Abu Bakr Siddiq (r.a) as infidel (kaafir). After this Alawi without any Covid-19 test flew off to UK and was again on the pulpits there. As Naqvi has been saying referenced to global Shia leadership of Khamenei that all this discord at the back comes from MI6 in Britain, the old-time secret agency who used the same tactic of discord to bring down the fall of Ottoman empire.

This raged a big flame amongst the Takfirist Sunni elements and the series of rallies, protests and once again the air of Pakistan starting to hear whispering slogans of 90s “Shia Kaafir”. Government did a crackdown and arrested all such orators on the same line of Alawi but Alawi was out in safe haven. Alawi was instilling Shia scholars to stand against Syed Jawad Naqvi blaming Jawad Naqvi as one who has given the list of these orators to be arrested. On one hand the Takfirist were sharpening their knives to butcher Shias but on other hand the ignorant Shia Ulama were busy to somehow demean Syed Jawad Naqvi and turned this into internal issue rather than looking at the wave approaching from outside. The whispers of Shia being declared as infidels was turning into loud voices of million.

Jawad Naqvi block buster sermons of Friday which are echoed globally and receives more likes, response then even sermon from Tehran did not quit under pressure. He kept calling these Shia Ulama to openly boycott these seditionist Shia orators but instead certain Shia groups like Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen did a private conference with these seditionists showing their support and claiming them to be Shias who need some reformation. This further aroused the sentiments of Takfirist which is organic when those who abuse the Khalifa are not criticized instead Shia scholars acts like parents who want to forgive their naughty kids. The Takfirist now stepped out in a big way and arranged two mega rallies in Karachi with almost millions coming out pledging their support to companions (Sahaba) and punishing Shias who insult the companions and wives of Prophet.

India would accelerate Pakistan to turn into Syria

The current situation is moving towards a civil war within Pakistan like Syria but at the same time Indian media has become active. The India mainstream media has now bought this news up in a big way and this would further fuel fire of discord even in India. This is a golden opportunity for India to demean Pakistan, cut them off totally from Kashmir issue and fuel the fire of discord to this extent in Pakistan that entire nation cripples. India won’t just be watching from across the border; they will be active to fuel this fire further. India also has pools of such orators present inside the likes of Wasim Rizvi, Yasoob Abbas, Saif Abbas who are famous for such fury seditionist speeches against the Sunnis. It is highly possible that India might mobilize these elements to further arouse hatred towards Shias in Pakistan. The Shirazi group in UK is another big tool in West and might become active at international level as well. At present everything possible would be done to further flame the fire within Takfirist to the extent that it reaches the threshold where a civil war kicks off heading towards Shia genocide in ISIS style. It should noted that India has close eye to take over Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Skardu region from Pakistan. Since these pockets are highly Shia dominated if a civil unrest takes place in Pakistan and reaches the level of Syria, it would be cake walk for Modi to barge through borders and cut off this region from Pakistan. 

Warning for Indian Muslims

The reason we have presented this is to understand that the same tool would be used in India as well and has been used till date where Sunnis and Shias are separated. BJP has publicly said that Shias are with us. In Kashmir when Shias have also stepped out against the state now during Moharram this tool of sectarian discord could be used very effectively in India.

The Indian Muslims should be alert, aware about what is happening and take a balanced approach. Avoid any such sectarianism type activities.  In fact work towards Muslim unity, else what is happening in Pakistan is within a Muslim state, but what happens in India would be completely different and would turn into a smooth ride for Modi’s Muslim genocide agenda.

See how the top media outlets in India are portraying this issue


#PAKISTAN में हो सकता है शिया-सुन्नी दंगा! पाकिस्तान में शिया विरोधी रैली निकाले जाने के बाद हालात गंभीर हो गए हैं.

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  1. Thought the analysis is good, but the tone looks too biased towards a group. You could share the facts yet maintain neutrality by selecting proper tone for reporting. That would add more value. Looks like a mouthpiece of Agha Jawad

    1. Respected brother, we are not Shia entity so being biased towards any particular Shia scholar and not towards others is ruled out. We are Indian Muslims who only present news, information , analysis which has some relevance towards Muslims of India. But we are not sectarian and respect Shia sect the same way as other Muslim sects. We have a team who goes good research on content and we take data in an unbiased form from various sources Shia’s and Sunnis. If we have got some vetted facts about a particular person Jawad Naqvi, then these are facts. After we got this information we have gone through his various sermon clips publicly available to understand his motive before jotting it down. In the past also we have posted certain news related to him about India but since we had not much depth inside his personality we never quoted his name, but from then we have been studying him. We also have some Shia offshore volunteers who are not biased and are critics as well about him, but in this case they all agree about his stand and have presented the same facts to us. We are very careful in our write ups and not try to present any of our own opinions, we just join the dots and present what comes out. It is then for the readers to decide if it makes sense or not. Our mission is only to awaken the Indian Muslims towards the facts in and around them. It should not be noted that we are no interested to take a deep dive inside the politics within Sunni , Shia groups inside Pakistan, our interest is to highlight the gravity of the situation and how this could effect Indian Muslims in near future.

      On a general note, neutrality in news is not righteousness. We have to present facts the way they are even if they seem (though not intentional) biased towards someone. The rights of Journalism does not gets delivered by being biased towards one entity and neither by creating a balance between all parties involved in the news. Such kind of approach is to appease people and avoid criticism, whereas we are open to all forms of criticism and welcome constructive ethical criticism.

      We hope we have clarified our stance

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