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Killing of Hindu man sparks online outrage

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Delhi police said Rinku Sharma was killed in a quarrel at a birthday party, where the guests were all acquainted. But right-wing BJP supporters claim it was a hate crime.

The killing of Rinku Sharma, a 25-year-old man in Dehli, stirred a controversy that spilled on to social media on Friday. Sharma was stabbed to death after a quarrel at a birthday party in outer Delhi’s Mangolapuri area, police said on Friday. But there were varying reasons given for the cause of the altercation.Outer Delhi police said on Twitter that authorities arrested four men who were reportedly involved in the quarrel, which took place on Wednesday.

“All persons are known to each other and live in the same locality. Any other motive alluded to this incident is factually wrong,”┬ápolice said.

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