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It’s started – State sponsored Muslim Genocide in India kicks off in M.P

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This is the beginning of Modi’s state sponsored Genocide of Muslims. This is not going to end in Indore or MP, the Yogi government is well set to ablaze several Muslim communal villages, localities in U.P.  The Muslims are still in hope that in 2023 things will be fine when Modi might loose elections and some other party will rule.

They do not realize that India is no more a place for Muslims and they have to decide on their destiny. One after another various mosques will get converted to temples. The entire identity of Islam will be demolished by this regime and our so called respected scholars will sit on praying mats asking Allah to help without doing anything. Muslims in one state think that this will not happen in Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra, it will end in UP, MP, Delhi, Gujrat and Rajasthan. It just takes time but it will happen because your silence says that it has to happen.

There is no leadership in Muslims which can guide them on how to confront this rapidly going crisis which is aimed to burn Muslims to ashes in India. They don’t and won’t get any international support because the Arab world is with Modi, the Iranians are with Modi, the West is with Modi and Pakistan is also isolated in the Muslim world to do anything practically for Muslims of India. Turkish premiere on one hand will speak out some words but again is hanging around with Netanyahu the best friend of Modi. So who is there to help Indian Muslims?

No one !! Why?  Because Allah does not change the state of a community, unless they change themselves.


The demolition happened a day after clashes were reported last Tuesday during a Ayodhya Ram Mandir fund-raising rally which passed through the street where these houses were located in Chandan Khedi.

In what has deepened anxieties in the wake of the communal tension during rallies by right-wing organisations in few districts in Madhya Pradesh, the local administration in Indore partially demolished 13 houses in the minority-dominated Chandan Khedi village last Wednesday, stating these were illegal encroachments on government land.

The demolition happened a day after clashes were reported last Tuesday during a Ayodhya Ram Mandir fund-raising rally which passed through the street where these houses were located in Chandan Khedi. There were also reports of stone-pelting by the residents with several injured on both the sides.

When contacted, Pratul Sinha, Sub Divisional Magistrate of Depalpur Tehsil, which covers Chandan Khedi, told The Indian Express, the initial plan was only for road construction, not widening. “After the clash, it was realised that the road was not wide enough for even a fire tender to pass. Following the clashes, the villagers were told to demolish the houses since these were illegal encroachments on land owned by the government of Madhya Pradesh.”

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