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Incidents of communal violence in MP part of a planned strategy by Hindutva groups, State: Fact Finding Team

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A nine-member fact-finding team visited several places in western Madhya Pradesh from January 28 to January 30 where gross incidents of communal violence had taken place in December 2020. These incidents were reported in the media.

According to the press statement by the fact finding team, “we perceived a pattern in all the incidents whereby in the name of collecting donations for the Ram Mandir to be built in Ayodhya, large numbers of armed Hindu youth with saffron flags, weapons and DJs deliberately chose bastis and mohallas with Muslim presence to hold rallies, creating an atmosphere of terror and trying to provoke the Muslim residents there, and foment trouble.”

“In some of the places, there was retaliatory stone pelting by the Muslim residents. The State and Hindutwa mobs also demolished and damaged the houses of many Muslims. In some places the mobs also looted the houses of the Muslims, beat up the buffaloes, and robbed the cash kept in the houses. In one place, saffron flags were put on each house and the masjid, the chadars at the local Dargah were burnt and crumpled underfoot and and a large number of DJs read out Hanuman Chalisa in front of the Masjid thus preventing the local Muslims from offering their namaz,” the statement read.

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