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If Sikhs can boycott Reliance why can’t Muslims? – Protesting Farmers Target India’s Largest Cell Company and Its Billionaire Owner

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The Sikhs are determined to teach a lesson to Modi and his supporters. An attack on Reliance asset is a big blow and strong message to Modi, that his selling of India to these Capitalists won’t be an easy piece of cake.

If the Muslims are acting cowardly begging for safety but the Sikhs are not going to take that path, they want to stand strong and now from defensive they are moving into an offensive mode.

Can the Muslims not do what Sikhs are doing. If 22 crore Muslims of India boycott every product of reliance, Mukesh Ambani’s hairs would spike out. Why can’t the Muslims boycott Reliance Jio, Reliance Mart, the Viacom TV Channels, Productions, Reliance Textiles and everything that comes from Reliance.

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