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France threatens home-schooler parents with six-months in jail in ‘anti-extremism’ drive

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France is moving to outlaw home schooling with new legislation unveiled on Wednesday that threatens to jail parents for up to six months if they fail to send their children to school.

The move comes as part of President Emmanuel Macron‘s controversial ‘anti-seperatism’ drive, which activists say targets Muslim groups.

The bill will ban children being taught primarily at home, in an effort to prevent young people from falling under the influence of extremists.

It is estimated that some 50,000 children are currently home-schooled in France.

The bill proposes that home schooling will only be allowed  when attendance is “impossible for reasons relating to (the child’s) situation or that of the family”. Parents who break the law will face six months in prison and a fine of €7,500 ($8,875).

With the Love Jihad becoming law and another tool to torture Muslims, the Muslim community would be persuaded towards Home Schooling and these steps take by such nations to curb Homeschooling could become a big future threat. To counter this the Muslims should aggressively move towards Homeschooling and increase the numbers

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