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Babri Masjid Not a Mosque, But an Insult to Islam: RSS Leader Indresh

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New Delhi: Muslim Rashtriya Manch was launched after 2002 Gujarat riots under the guidance of the then RSS chief K S Sudarshan to reach out to Muslim community. Today, the organization claims to be fastest growing Muslim outfit in India. In an exclusive interview with News18’s Eram Agha, MRM patron Indresh Kumar says Muslims chose to come to RSS because secularists and socialists failed them. Edited excerpts:

News18 Interview Excerpts – Must Read full interview

Do you now see signs of Muslims joining what you describe as the mainstream? What are the issues that MRM is raising?

With time, MRM (Muslim Rashtriya Manch – The Muslim Wing of RSS) has adopted different movements like cow protection and Uniform Civil Code. And recently, 7 lakh Muslims, including 40,000 from Jammu and Kashmir, submitted their signatures to President Pranab Mukherjee, seeking revocation of Article 370. No other state in India has dual citizenship and two flags. Why should Jammu and Kashmir have it?

Where does MRM stand on the issue of Ram Temple in Ayodhya?

Ram Mandir is an important issue. It is a belief that a mosque can only be built on non-controversial land, given in donation or waqf or it can be built on the land bought through proper purchase. But Babri Masjid was not built on such a non-controversial land. A mosque cannot be named after any mortal being. It should be named after a prophet or God. Babri Masjid was named after Babur – he didn’t take care of any such thing. This was not a mosque but Islam ki tauheen (insult to Islam).



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