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Ajmer Sharif shrine Custodian blasts elements within Shias and Sunnis for flaming discords in Pakistan

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In a recent telecast the custodion of Ajmer Sharif the shrine of highly respected Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti addressed the Sunni Barelvi community and also delivered a strong message to Shias on behalf of the Sufi sect within Sunnis. 

The Sufi Scholar from Ajmer has taken specific interest in the rising Shia Sunni discord in Pakistan expected to turn into civil war if not controlled.  The custodian belonging to Barelivi sect expressed his view that Sunni’s follow Ahlubayt (a) and respect all companions (r.a). He specifically mentioned that people like Asif Alawi are not Muslims who insult companions of Prophet and those within Sunnis who show respect towards Abu Sufyan, Muawiya, Yazid and Hinda are not Sunnis, they are Nasibis. Both these categories should be boycotted. The Shias should become responsible and not allow such speakers to sit on their pulpits and Sunnis should also be aware that Saudi rials are making all this happen. 

“Indian Muslims” applauds the respected custodian for taking a bold stance being in India and appreciate his insight whereby he foresees that this crisis can also hit India anytime. We humbly request Shia scholars as well to speak out the same way to ensure such crisis do not hit India. 

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