What is Indian Muslims Portal?

Indian Muslims is a news aggregation platform which gathers news, reports, articles, videos from mainstream media relevant to only the affairs of Indian Muslims. The information gathered is specific to the issues between Muslims of India and state apparatus, other political, religious groups where there is an element of Islamic identity involved. The information is classified by issues related to Muslims, categories and role of various personalities both from state side and Muslims.

The purpose of this portal is to provide Muslims across the world a single gateway to understand the state of Indian Muslims, the problems they are undergoing, the behaviour of state and other organizations towards Muslims and also the issues internal to Muslims in various sects which become a problem for Muslims.

We do not provide any opinion, view , judgement, decisions on any issue or news. We just gather the information by verifying its authenticity and post the information with its actual source link. The viewers can themselves develop their own opinion based on the information and their own understanding.

We are group if individuals and not any organization, party and do not have any affiliation with any organization or institute.

Our policies in content selection

  1. Content is explicit or near to explicitly related to affairs of Muslims and Islam in India
  2. Information is coming from a verified news sources, agencies, their relevant YouTube channels etc. We also have subscriptions from news content agencies like Ruptly for providing news feed.
  3. We avoid information from media outlets which are clearly known to state sponsored, unless the information is documented clear (like Video recordings) and we also verify if such documented content is not fractured by referring to other sources.
  4. We do not capture information from social media sources like personal posts on Facebook (we take information from official pages of news agency). We do not take any information from video or posts on WhatsApp or by personal bloggers unless the information is widely accepted as being authentic
  5. We capture Tweets from Twitter accounts which are verified accounts of personalities or organizations.
  6. We do not post information from individuals who are neither qualified or titled as media political analysts , journalists,or those who are not affiliated with any political or news agency or those who are not accepted as prominent or known , accepted religious personalities or social activists.
  7. We avoid posting news or information from any source which creates discords within Muslims, unless the news or content is such that it needs to be highlighted to the Muslim masses that so and so entities, organizations are creating sedition or sectarianism (we only limit ourselves to provide information and not opinion on anyone)
  8. Articles and columns posted directly on our portal comes from verified columnist, journalist. Their identity is verified through Email verification and if Email account is lesser than two years old we carry out telephonic verification as well. The email address of writers are posted at the end of the articles (not those which are linked to other sources) for viewers to directly contact them. We verify the article before posting to ensure there is no derogatory , abusive language used against any individual , sect or sanctimonious elements of religions and groups.

How can our information be used?

  1. Our information is an aggregation and categorization of content in various like format, type, issues, personalities etc, which can be used by viewers to get a clear picture of the ongoing issues with Muslims in India and specifically develop an opinion on any particular issue by joining the dots across various news posts.

2.  Information is available is sort of archive whereby the complete historical trace of a particular event, issue can be done

3. Information could be very useful for researchers and saves time for them as most of the information related to particular issue is aggregated in one place.

4.  Our information is also useful for rectifying distorted opinions that can get developed if people refer to only some single news source. At this portal you see a much broader source of information and all information is verified to be true and present on mainstream.


Though we take utmost care in selecting the sources of content, but at times it can happen that embedded inside a news could be certain information which does not harmonizes with the thoughts of Muslims. Hence we do not guarantee complete authenticity of information on the news links. The opinions, views, comments presented on the sources is related to the source and has no liability on us. For the content provided by us like Articles posted by journalists and editors to us is also their own personal opinion and views and they can be approached directly for any concerns.

You can contact us from our Contact us page for any further information



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